Honey, I Love You Big Box #1

Honey, I Love You Big Box #1

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Raw honey and beeswax products in a beautiful gift box. Handmade products straight from our honeybees and raw materials foraged in Alberta!

You will get:

*Two of our Tub Teas-What is a tub tea? It is ‘tea’ for your tub! Add to sachet and let steep in your tub.
•Soothing Lavender: Epsom salt, lavender buds, raw honey crystals, pomegranate, naked oats, essential oils
•Healing Herbs: Epsom salt, wild yarrow blossoms, prairie sage, naked oats, raw honey crystals, essential oils, mint

*1 packet pollinator-friendly seeds

* Two handcrafted lip balm tubes

*One 50g tin of our Bee Salvy balm crafted with a mixture of natural oils and our beeswax. Soothes and repairs even the most chapped hands. 

*1 250g raw honey and honey dipper

*1 Ceramic Save The F#$%king Bees mug

Packaged in a sturdy cardboard gift box