The Drone Box

The Drone Box

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Raw honey and beeswax products in a beautiful gift box. Handmade products straight from our honeybees and foraged in Alberta!

You will get:

*One 375g jar of our delicious smoked raw honey. Yep, you heard right. We smoke it and you spread it on your favourite meat, fish, veggies. Use it on charcuterie boards, on the grill or mixed into sauces and dressings. You will LOVE this stuff. Trust us.
*Wooden honey dipper
*One Save Your Ass Survival Candle for the car, the truck, the cabin, the camper. This will burn for HOURS. Everyone needs this.
*One 50g tin of our “da Bomb!” balm because it’s DA BOMB! Handcrafted with a mixture of natural oils and our beeswax. Scented with manly scents like cedarwood and sage in a subtle way. Great on beards, hands, elbows, and anywhere that needs some softening and smoothing.
*One 50g tin of our Balm of Gilead-hand foraged poplar buds steeped in organic olive oil mixed with our beeswax. Traditionally, Balm of Gilead was used as a treatment for inflammation and superficial skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, rashes, insect bites and chapped skin.
*Two handcrafted lip balm tubes (unscented, mint)
*Three of our handmade, eco-friendly fire starters. Made from the waste of our woodenware and pine needles mixed with our dark wax. We try to make a use for everything! Will burn for 15 minutes and light almost any campfire or fireplace in a snap!
*A bar of our goat’s milk and honey soap, easy on the skin and lightly scented with cedarwood and sage.

Packaged in a sturdy cardboard gift box