Beaver Creek Honey is family owned and operated. Our bees are located in Beaver County, Alberta and cover a diverse area of natural land and farms.

We are very intentional about producing products that are naturally sourced locally, hand-made, and eco-friendly. We have a broad range of products that utilize the good things the bees give us.

Some of our collections


Our honey is raw and unprocessed but has been strained to remove... 

  • Terroir

    Terroir [ter-wahr] The conditions in which a food is grown or produced and that give the food its unique characteristics.

    Like wine, each honey has its own distinct flavour. Unlike wine, the taste is not related to the variety of bees, instead it’s determined by what plants the bees collect nectar from. Nectar from alfalfa, sweet clover, thistle, aster and farm crops are primarily what gives our raw honey its mild, sweet flavour. It is truly unique!

  • Honey

    Beaver Creek Honey packages honey produced by our own bees. We think that honey comes out of the hive perfectly made by the bees. Our honey is raw and gently filtered. That means minimal straining, no blending, no pasteurizing, no shortcuts! It is 100% pure raw honey and is a blend of the floral sources the bees forage on each season. We can provide you with our honey in any quantity. We sell anything from 55g favour jars to bulk containers.

    We are a CFIA registered and inspected facility.

  • The Owners

    We are Stefan and Monique. We live in Sherwood Park, AB our bees live in Beaver County, AB where they forage off the local flora and help to pollinate many acres of crops, wildflowers and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.

    We love our bees and have a passion for honey and for creating natural products from the good things our bees produce. We manage our hives for their health and survival. We want our bees to THRIVE because exceptional honey begins with exceptional bees.

    We don’t simply “support sustainable beekeeping”, we live sustainable beekeeping.

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