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DIY Reusable Food Wrap Bar

DIY Reusable Food Wrap Bar

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At Beaver Creek Honey we have tested a variety of combinations of 3 additional ingredients and feel that we have found the perfect formula to make great quality reusable food wraps right at home. The 3 extra ingredients added to our wrap bar which give it its fabulous cling and hold are Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and Pine Rosin. It all starts with our own beeswax which we harvest each year in our apiary. These ingredients are the key to keeping your wraps pliable, clingy and lasting longer.

Our perfect pre-blend of ingredients makes your job easy! You just grate, iron and enjoy your own hand-made wraps! You only need fabric (preferably 100% cotton) and a few simple things you already have at home, mainly an iron, grater and parchment paper! Our DIY kit also acts as a top-up kit to keep your wraps going strong for years. As your coating on the wraps wears down it can be topped up with the DIY kit with the same method but less wax! By doing so, the high heat from the iron will also sterilize the food wrap, along with the Jojoba oil acting as an antibacterial agent.

CLEAN UP: To remove stickiness from the grater and any other surfaces that may come in contact with the wax bar we recommend rubbing alcohol and paper towels.

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